Dear Just Chews
I write to thank you for the cow hooves that you sent for my German shepherds.
The dogs took to them with great enthusiasm and they chewed on them over a period of 3 to 4 days. They were great for their teeth.
I have no hesitation in recommending the cow hooves to any dog owner and I am happy to allow you to use this letter in your endeavours to sell this product to any potential buyer.

Ian Marr
President German Shepherd Dog Association of WA (Inc)

Dear Just chews
Thank you very much for introducing us to your product.
I have a staffy of my own that spends her day at home while I am at work. I have bought her many toys, treats, balls etc. over the years and expect to come home and find them destroyed or eaten by the end of the day. I had found nothing on the market that I could give her that would last more than an hour before it was completely gone! I had tried "pigs ears", "Nylabones", "raw hide" all of which she enjoyed for the hour of fun they gave her but as a responsible pet owner I am always conscious of the calories and the fat content of all treats I give her.
Just chews are her favourite and knowing they contain nothing other than keratin is a huge bonus, as it does not interfere with her dietary requirements.
I must say I was not quite convinced she would like them as much as she did or that they would last her any longer than any other chews but after finding her outside late one night with her JUST CHEWS I thought I would write to you and let you know.
It is always difficult to recommend a product until I try it out on my own dog and now I can say with complete confidence to our own clients that they are great!
They are selling really well and we can offer these to all pets including those with special dietary requirement i.e. low fat/calorie diets and also to the owners like myself who have dogs that chew through normal treats within 20 minutes!
Thank you for your initial time spent coming to see us and if you wish to use this letter as a personal testimonial from myself, please fell free.

Jodi Thomas
Manager Melville Animal Hospital

Dear Just chews
I had given my dog several "Just Chews" as I left the house and went to work. He always seemed happy enough as I left, but I was never quiet sure just how much he liked them. So, one night recently I gave him a "Just Chews" on his mat inside and watched. After an hour - I found he had literally chewed himself to sleep!!! To my surprise he had hardly made an impact on the "Just Chews" .. despite to voracious crunching I had heard for the previous hour! In the following days he struggled to put it down, however I think his aching muscles from chewing might have led to some self imposed rest periods...
I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who has a dog that loves to chew, and has the capability to destroy things that should last weeks in a matter of minutes. Along with the health benefits and natural quality of this product, Axel seriously loves them and they keep him entertained for days.
Many thanks for such an indestructable treat!

Trish & Axel

Dear Just chews
I received one of your wonderful chews for my son's medical assistance dog and he loved it, I would recommend it to our other clients.

Paws for Diabetics